Why Waiheke Wine?

Dear Reader,


No, well, yes, but no, before you huff, get on an unfeasibly high horse, die a little inside, become overwhelmed with indifference … this is not for you, this is for us.

We two people have just moved from a sprawling metropolis called Old London Town where children ritually murder restaurant goers …

[What Happens When You Mess With London Kids]
… to a small, quiet (not that quiet) meagrely, yet densely, populated island off the coast of Auckland in the Hauraki Gulf.

We don’t really know the island, we moved here because we came here once and liked it, despite a (combined) 86 year struggle with, and apprehension of, risk.

Waiheke island is blessed with some roads, some shops, some eateries and, mostly, vineyards. It’s umptythrumpty (not many) miles long and, at its narrowest, about 600m wide but it has 22 [Twenty Two] vineyards. What better way to get to know the island than via its vineyards? Probably talking to people but hopefully we’ll do that too.

[Public Transport]
Why Waiheke Wine? Yeah, this won’t be about wine really, wine is drink and it’s either nice or isn’t. Also, why, why, why ‘WhyWaiWi’? Well, it’s a spectacularly good title for a blog and, if you can’t pretend to be chatting shit about wine to engineer a blog title like that, what can you do?

So, this is going to be us getting to know the island by doing it, walking it, drinking it, eating it, visiting all 22 of the island’s vineyards and giving ourselves a memoir of our two years in it – and writing about it in case anyone’s remotely interested or might find it useful.

And this is as good an excuse as any to put ‘The Hollows’ by Why? in a blog post, which features the most evocative line ever describing the subtle sound of furtive sex in the corner of a basketball court. There are many other less evocative furtive-sex references in pop culture, as you know.


Adele & Damon.


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